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Being as a casual type of guild, we don't really ask for much commitment toward raids. We will try to establish a time when we can raid casually without interfering with that thing called life. If you do want to raid, try to be knowledgeable about your spec and any boss encounters. Deadly Boss Mods is very useful but isn't required.

The one thing we would ask of our members is to download Ventrilo which can be downloaded from the main Ventrilo website.  


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Game News

Welcome to the Home of Be Negative!

Be Negative is a new guild founded for any players interested in raiding or pvp'ing casually as opposed to a hardcore schedule. All players interested in becoming a member are welcome to join until we have reached a substantial amount of people who connect well with each other and enjoy playing the game.

Other Guild News

Cataclysm Class Changes

arcad1on, Apr 18, 10 7:21 PM.
During the last week Blizzard decided to release some news and changes about each class going into the Cataclysm expansion. Blue posters did an amazing job this week and gave tons of details on the changes, you will probably see a lot of new stuff there depending on your class. They are located in their respective forum to make the discussion easier.

Death Knight: (Source)
Druid: (Source)
Hunter: (Source)
Mage: (Source)
Paladin: (Source)
Priest: (Source)
Rogue: (Source)
Shaman: (Source)
Warlock: (Source)
Warrior: (Source) Updates

arcad1on, Feb 10, 10 2:03 PM. Updates Preview

The list of past innovations on to the legacy service is long and varied -- the introduction of competitive ladders, server-hosted games, online-stored characters, automated matchmaking, and more. But with the release of StarCraft II, will evolve into an even more powerful and advanced online game service that will power all Blizzard Entertainment titles moving forward.

Check out the new preview:

Patch 3.2.2 - Deathcharger Mounts (MMO-Champion)

arcad1on, Feb 9, 10 5:36 PM.
Patch 3.3.2 - Deathcharger Mounts

Among many other known changes, Patch 3.3.2 introduced a new Crimson Deathcharger mount spell to the game, I'm not really sure where this mount is supposed to drop but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't fully implemented yet.

There is only one mount spell, but there are actually two new deathchargers creatures
Azure Deathcharger and Crimson Deathcharger, it could be the sign of another faction-based quest/achievement reward in the future. Keep in mind that according to Blizzard, patch 3.3.2 wasn't the last minor patch to be deployed before the release of Cataclysm.


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Be Negative is currently openly recruiting for the following classes:

Death Knight

If you're interested in joining, feel free to post on the forums or reach one us in game.
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